Fortney: It’s raining schadenfreude on Calgary and Alberta

It is the province that, for much of this current century, has been the main driver of the national economy, in the process sharing billions of dollars, along with jobs, with less prosperous regions. So why, asks Rex Murphy, have so few Canadians come to the defence of Alberta? In an opinion piece posted Wednesday on, the…

Source: Fortney: It’s raining schadenfreude on Calgary and Alberta


Proud to Be Albertan


My buddy, a control systems engineer is stocking shelves at a food store. Another is working at a corner store.
A process safety engineer just knocked on my door, selling furnace upgrades.
I met a a nuclear power engineer working at the sports facility restaurant as a waiter.

A control systems engineer myself, I’ve been lucky to piece together ten hours of engineering a week but also found a job writing employee procedures and work manuals in the IT industry, along with other bits and pieces.

Private sector Albertans are survivors. We do what it takes and always with humility and a smile on our face. We understand that in all of this, family and friends are what’s important and in spite of what’s going on in our lives, we’ll always lend a hand where needed.

It’s times of stress and duress that personality comes to the surface. I’m proud to be an Albertan oil and gas worker, and I’m proud of all those that work with me.