I’ve lived with dogs my entire life. I found a starving little mutt when I was ten and brought her home. My wife and I were given a Shepherd/Lab cross as a wedding gift (ulp!), We had a Flatboat retriever for thirteen years.

And now, we have two Bernese Mountain Dogs (Berners).

Berners are different from any dog we’ve ever had. They have peculiarities. For example, they love to sit on your feet. They like to sit straight up like rabbits peeking over a hedge, and while doing this will flop their heads over backwards onto your lap, and usually fall over. They grab things and hide them. Even though they weigh a hundred pounds they do 360’s when you get home and look out if you get in the way.

Berner’s have wonderful personalities. If you can deal with the hair, the regular baths required (Yeah, bathing two-100 pound dogs every four weeks. No problem), and the food, they’re definitely a treat.

The first picture is Mia pretending she hadn’t stolen my shoe in spite of the evidence sitting beside her. Ellie is sitting by the football helmet and the last picture is Mia at twelve weeks.

IMG_0393 IMG_7190 IMG_7265 10250731_701599319902801_766001070_n




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