Great Indie Reads Found for You

There are a number of websites dedicated to featuring great Indie reads. They do the legwork for you by reading and reviewing Indie books and recognizing only those of exceptional quality. If you’re a reader that loves Indie books I highly recommend you check them out and sign up for their newsletter. If you’re an author looking for recognition of your high quality writing submit your book for a review.

I understand there are sites charging exorbitant fees to authors for this service. Avoid them. The three sites below offer this service for free or charge a minimal fee. I have dealt with all of them. They are reputable and have been very good to me.

With payment Awesome Indies will provide detailed (and very good) manuscript notes on how to improve your book and may even accept the book upon completion of the changes. Awesome Indies also requires payment for a full listing complete with book cover (I’ve not yet payed it).

B.R.A.G. sent me a batch of stickers at no cost. StoreyTeller Alley purchased a copy of my book at no cost and offered it as a prize for their reader list signup.

Check them out. The links below send you to the websites and my book, Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys.

Book Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G.)

Awesome Indies

StoretyTeller Alley


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