According to ISIS My Wife and Daughters are Worth $368.05

Carlos Cunha

slave market This Could be in Everyone’s Future

The Islamic State has issued a guidance pamphlet for proper treatment of female slaves (The Charlie Hebdo terror attack is nothing new).  Behold the future should these animals achieve their goal of a worldwide caliphate.  I don’t quite understand why the modifier “female” is attached to the term slave in the pamphlet, since in practice ISIS (or ISIL or IS or whatever these barbarians are called this month) murder all the males as a matter of policy.  They could save themselves an entire word by presuming all slaves are female because from all the reports I’ve read there are no male slaves.  They make reference to male slaves here and there in the pamphlet, but ISIS doesn’t seem to be taking any of those.  Perhaps there isn’t a demand, yet.  Either way, I think we need to get a class action lawsuit together.  I demand…

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