Mexican Wood Carving

I fell in love with this little guy in Mexico. Original art by Orlando Mandarin and Magdelena Santiago.
Someone in my house, to go unnamed, thinks he’s ugly. I disagree.
What do you think?



El Mayordomo Crema Del Agave Con Miela

I bought a bottle of this stuff (Crema De Agave Con Miel) in Mexico. Man, is it good.

I’ve sipping a little too much over the past hour.

Check out how it’s made on the website below (underground ovens, crushed with horse drawn wheels, dates back to pre-Columbian times). You can translate the website through Google.

I recommend you seek some out for a taste when you’re in Mexico.

Marriage is not an Obligation

Sometimes something breaks into my head and I can’t rest until it’s written. I woke up at 4:30 this morning. Jumped out of bed at 5AM and put this together.

Marriage is not an obligation
Obligations turn stale
Hard to keep and easy to ignore
Love is not an obligation
LIke a long prison sentence
It becomes despised
A marriage is a best friend
Old but comforting
Known but enjoyed
A smile on your face
When your spouse walks through the door
Obligations are forgotten
Set aside
Amongst the thousands of other obligations
Obligations don’t need honesty
They are met to a minimum
Like a dirty kitchen floor cleaned only for company
Your friendship turns elsewhere
Your spouse grows silent
Feels ignored
Is never heard
A lifetime passes
Your best day
Becomes distant
Cherish your marriage
Share all that’s good
That’s bad
That hurts
That overjoys
Love is trust
Opening yourselves
For the other to see
And crying together

ND Richman