Police Harassment and Drive-Bys in CANADA

I’ve been harassed by the police twice and endured a drive-by, Canadian style, in two years.

As I was walking down the side walk, the police officer in Edmonton slammed on her breaks, left her car in the middle of the street, jumped out and ran towards me. I thought I was done for. She loudly proclaimed she loved my dog, got onto her knees, and gave Mia a loving like she’s never had before.

As I was walking down the sidewalk, the pair of police officers in Calgary drove their car across the centre line and screeched up beside me. My arms were coming up over my head when the driver lowered her window, leaned out and asked, “Can I pet your dog?” Her partner looked as shocked as me. After granting permission she leaped from the police car and Mia got another legal rub-down.

Today, a lady in a truck pulled up beside me and jumped out. She saw the dogs from her apartment window and chased me down. She loved the dogs up and said she’d keep an eye out for me.

Only in Canada, eh?
2015-01-24 12.42.32


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