Thank You

I wrote Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys completely by accident, with no intent of writing a book at all, and then I tossed it into the basement. I really didn’t believe it was good enough to be seen.

Tracy Rvachew´╗┐ rescued the manuscript from internment and, without telling me, gave it to Gloria Singendonk´╗┐ who kindly reviewed it and encouraged me to publish it. The book exists only because Tracy took this action and Gloria had been so supportive.

Self doubt never seems to go away however, and even after some good reviews and feedback I didn’t believed it was a book meant for mainstream.

I did listen to the corrective feedback received and published a second version of Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys with a new cover, and a third version with some revisions to the text.

And then Awesome Indies gave it their seal of approval. This was the first big step for me, and the recent review blast has ben a second. I am starting to believe I can write.

Here are the review statistics, as they stand today from all major sources:

Brothers, Bullies and Bad Guys
Five Stars – 28
Four Stars – 16
Three Stars – 7
Two Stars – 2
One Star – 1

Sinners, Survivors and Saints
Five Stars – 10
Four Stars – 12
Three Stars – 5
Two Stars – 0
One Star – 0

Now, I have a lot of work cut out for me, getting these books into the hands of readers.

I have to thank all of you, my family, friends, readers, and fans, for your support in this new and unexpected creative stage in my life. I’m truly honoured and blessed.