Fortney: It’s raining schadenfreude on Calgary and Alberta

It is the province that, for much of this current century, has been the main driver of the national economy, in the process sharing billions of dollars, along with jobs, with less prosperous regions. So why, asks Rex Murphy, have so few Canadians come to the defence of Alberta? In an opinion piece posted Wednesday on, the…

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Proud to Be Albertan


My buddy, a control systems engineer is stocking shelves at a food store. Another is working at a corner store.
A process safety engineer just knocked on my door, selling furnace upgrades.
I met a a nuclear power engineer working at the sports facility restaurant as a waiter.

A control systems engineer myself, I’ve been lucky to piece together ten hours of engineering a week but also found a job writing employee procedures and work manuals in the IT industry, along with other bits and pieces.

Private sector Albertans are survivors. We do what it takes and always with humility and a smile on our face. We understand that in all of this, family and friends are what’s important and in spite of what’s going on in our lives, we’ll always lend a hand where needed.

It’s times of stress and duress that personality comes to the surface. I’m proud to be an Albertan oil and gas worker, and I’m proud of all those that work with me.


For Justin and Aberhart


I reflected upon our teens as they honoured their friend, Justin, who tragically took his own life this week. And though their actions brought grief and tearful reminders I couldn’t help but be proud of their symbology, their respect, and their love for one who truly suffered quietly amongst them.

The girls junior volleyball team played the city finals with his initials, JM, written on their legs. The boys junior football team with whom he’d played, walked onto the field holding hands and carrying his jersey, a reflection and memory of what he meant to them.  A banner was lovingly made with fabric, thread, and crayons. Balloons were released into the air. A moment of silence was given to reflect. The opposing team, Robert Thirsk, wore the Aberhart school colours on theirs sleeves out of respect for the team who mourned him.

Justin, I curse the illness of depression because it took you from those who loved you. But upon witnessing the impact of your loss I feel the strength you must have had, for even while fighting the voice inside, the voice that told you no one cared, you made an impact on so many. You fought an illness most couldn’t imagine fighting and during that battle you still found the strength to smile, laugh, lead, and shine. Your life was cut short at sixteen years but my goodness, a lot of people were truly touched by you. For that, you have all of my respect.

For those fighting depression, you must know this, you have touched someone in a life changing way also, and every minute you are here on this earth you will continue to do so. You need to tell an adult close to you. Tell them now. They want to share your burden with you and this is not a battle you can fight alone. You need the strength of others to help you.

For those who fought alongside Justin, you tried, you loved him, you cried in despair, but please know this, you did all you could. No one can be blamed for this. You kept Justin with us and during that time he was a son, a friend, a comfort, a team player, and a person many looked up to. And for that, I truly thank you.

God bless you, Justin.

Who’s That Indie Author Recap: Sep/Oct 2015

Book Club Mom

Who's That Indie Author pic

What a great response to Who’s That Indie Author!  Thanks to  everyone who has participated so far.  It has been great to “meet” these interesting authors.  What’s the number one challenge for indie authors?  Marketing and promotion. Here’s the place to get started.  If you are an indie author and want to get your name out there,  see the instructions at the bottom of this post.  Join the Who’s That Indie Author community!

Here’s a recap for September and October.  Be sure to click on the author’s name to view the indie author profile.

Michelle Eastman

Michelle EastmanGenre:  Children’s Picture Books
BooksThe Legend of Dust Bunnies, a Fairy’s Tale & Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie
Favorite Book:  The Giving Tree  by Shel Silverstein
Biggest Challenge:  Marketing and promotion

Contact Information: Be sure to check out Michelle’s website at Michelle Eastman Books. You can…

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Advice for Introverts

I have a confession to make – I’m a raging introvert. This may surprise those who know me because at work I manage large teams of people with flair and I have no fear of public speaking, but in social situations I’m literally terrified. I slink around conferences like a scared dog and want to crawl under my chair in a bar. So this article is particularly relevant to me. For my fellow introverts, I hope you enjoy it.